Dimensions of your cargo

Dimensions of cargo packaging are extremely important for a specialist in the organization of cargo transportation.
This applies to deliveries by any mode of transport. Based on the information about the length, width and height of the package, the logistician will be able to determine the appropriate type of vehicle required for transportation, will be able to correctly calculate the space required in it in accordance with the free loading meters, and during air delivery will take into account the size of the cargo hatch of the aircraft, the size of the air container and air pallets , respectively, will be able to choose the best route and airline.

When air transportation, as a rule, it is possible to use the services of passenger airlines or cargo. Passenger flights are regular, often feasible, less expensive for the consignee. Their weak side lies in the fact that the aircraft fleet of airlines is limited by not too large opportunities for bulky cargo. The largest aircraft are such as the Airbus A350 with a cargo hatch size of 2.91×1.76 meters, the size of an air pallet for cargo placement is 3.17×2.43×1.62 meters and the Boeing B777, the cargo hatch size of which is 2.47×1.70 meters, and the size its air pallets are the same – 3.17×2.43×1.62 meters.
But these types of aircraft are not available in all airlines and do not fly in all directions. Therefore, in order to choose the optimal route for the delivery of your cargo, you can clarify the information in advance and voice the wishes of the sender about the size of the package before the warehouse operation. If the cargo does not allow changing the dimensions of the package, then it is worth planning the departure by cargo airlines, which currently have a high-tech fleet of reliable innovative cargo aircraft. For example, one of the aircraft used by cargo airlines is the Boeing 747-8F cargo airliner, which can accommodate shipments up to 45 meters in length, having a capacity of 697.3 cubic meters!

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