Digital logistics and signs of a digital logistics company

If in your own words to evaluate the phenomenon of “digital logistics”, then this is when the entire volume of documentation and any other information between the participants in the supply process is electronic.
All documentation is transferred to all interested parties through personal accounts and a common “feed”.

Businessman using tablet computer with Modern Trade warehouse logistics, uncle plans to invest in transport, from domestic to global.Industry 4.0 concept,planning of logistics.

This process and best freight broker training reduces time costs in transportation, costs in the exchange of paper documents.

Absolutely any company engaged in the logistics segment, providing services for the digitization of paper processes, can safely call itself a digital logistics company.

If your specialists still book a container to MSC using phone calls and sin by sending documents on paper by courier or mail, this is an ordinary logistics company.
But if you do all this in the personal account of their client system, use and sign electronic documents online (EDI), then you are an advanced logistics company.

An example will also be similar work with AVIA carriers.

If you give your customers the opportunity to work with you, as you do with MSC, you are definitely a digital logistics company.

In this case, any interested party works through electronic data exchange.

It’s fast, convenient, reliable. You and your customers are participating in an economic digital game, where the result is the real profit of some and the economic feasibility of others.

Yes, much is still at the development stage, much is still being comprehended. But we are sure that we are on the right track.

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