Autonomous truck Embark shown in the USA

In the United States, testing of trucks capable of moving in the dark or in fog without human intervention has begun. The truck management system was created as part of the Embark startup and freight broker mentorship program.

The creators of the startup created unmanned trucks to replace truckers. According to their calculations, the trucking industry is experiencing a shortage of about a hundred thousand drivers, and in the future this number will only increase.

Former employees of Audi and SpaceX worked on the new Embark unmanned truck. While we are not talking about a fully autonomous car. The novelty can only take control on a straight road in situations that do not involve complex maneuvers. But even such an opportunity will allow the trucker to rest during long hard work.

Note that recently companies wishing to occupy the still completely free niche of unmanned cargo transportation have noticeably intensified. So, the Otto company successfully conducted the first commercial flight in the fall of last year. Also this year, the first commercial flight with the participation of drones should take place in Russia as part of the Caravan project.

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